Music and Lyrics

I do realize that this post has the same title as a fairly recent chick flick… and while I did not see it (with no plans to as of this day), I thought it would be a fun title, seeing how it is relevant.

I would consider myself a fan of music. My music collection has songs ranging from classical to metal with unintelligible vocals with at least a little bit of just about every genre in between. But I, like most people, get hooked on a certain genre or band for long periods of time. For instance, when I bring a CD into my car, it will stay in my stereo for, usually, at least a month on end, being the only music I will listen to. Most recently, and currently, my disc of choice is the album “Truthless Heroes” by Project 86.


Project 86 has been one of my favourite bands for around seven years. I have always loved their music in general, but I think that is the lyrics that continue to draw me back in. That lyricist is none other than Andrew Schwab. In addition to the lyrics for the band, Schwab has also written two books of poetry, one about life with the band, and another due out this year.

Schwab is a very cryptic writer and I have to admit that, especially with his books, I usually have no idea about the full extent of his meanings. I think that he writes poetry like I write print; so only the writer understands fully. I like this approach in that it makes me delve into and fully immerse myself into the work. But it can also be frustrating at times when you read the words and they feel like just that: words.

…Anyway, onward and upward to the music. Truthless Heroes is great to me both musically and lyrically; lyrically in that there is a story to the album (I truly wish more bands did this.). The story is about a person’s attempt to satisfy his needs, following other’s ideals because of false promises, and finally realizing that he was wrong too late. Like I admitted before, it’s hard to get the full story at times, but I never fully understood how the story ended. Since I’ve been hooked on Project lately, I had decided to look over just about all of Schwab’s work and, to me, it seemed like the story continued to their next album. And, in their album after that, at least the first song seemed to follow the same line.

That is the main reason I am writing this post. I was amazed and it really excited me. To go to that much trouble to just gives me nothing but the greatest respect for the man. He is a true artist that cares so deeply for the quality of his work.

So, I wanted to include an example of his work. This is the last song from Project 86’s album “Songs to Burn Your Bridges By,” their album after Truthless Heroes:


We have waited for so long
To occur this day
There are those who fly away to a distant place
But I think I’ll stay
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
In this solace I see
A light piercing the darkness
Coming on the winds
Of imagery
When all I know is crumbling
I am becoming something more than humanity could ever allow me to be
I remember a day when
My dreams of escape
Seemed so far away

Let’s go back in time, you and I
To my
Initiation to your false empire
You greased, you aimed
And then you spit
While I
Once again pushed away my conscience

Yet always, it seems
I cannot fathom the plateau
Without first the pit

Against the goads there can be no pleading
Because every thought reaps an action
And for you, my former captor
All the earthly wisdom and wealth
Cannot erase your susceptibility
To brutal mortality
And the funny thing about justice
Is that it always comes when you least expect it
So friends it won’t be long
Seems I stole your smile, right from wrong

So forever now we’ll find
Our peace inside this
We’ll find our solace in your silence
And though I once desired your twisted sense of fame
I know, I know that in myself I’m nothing

Nothing but the words of the “meaningless”

You have given me all I’ll ever need
The nerve, the greed, the lust, the lust, the lust, the lust for justice
And now I will never rest
Until the meaningless become your silence

And you’re


Now I mean to thank you once again, with this
My, my, my goodbye kiss
You broke my heart
But something tells me that I won’t, that I won’t, and I won’t miss it
And on this very day
And on this very hill
While the heavens are hushed
In anticipation, beckoning
We’ll have ourselves a reckoning
And all of the oppressed will greet you

And you’re



There you have it. I hope you enjoyed that as I have.