Enough with the Bing Commercials Already!

I have a big problem with these new Microsoft Bing TV ads. They are inaccurate for any sane person who happens to be searching the web. In case you haven’t seen them, or just need a refresher, the three I’m talking about are here, here, and here.

Now that you’ve seen them, a few results I found from searching to see if their wild tangents are true (I used Google for all of these searches):

  • Searching “breakfast” resulted in NO mentions of the Breakfast Club through 10 pages.
  • Searching “back pain” resulted in NO pages about “back packing,” “back to school,” or Bach through 10 pages (If you’re getting results about Bach from back pain, you’re doing something seriously wrong.).
  • You CANNOT get results for “bird of paradise” from “two tickets to paradise” through, you guessed it, 10 pages (Are you seeing a trend here? My feeling is that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the first 10 pages, you’re not searching well enough).
  • NO mention of “cell wall” from searching “cell phone.”
  • Searching “tickets to hawaii” will get NO results for “hawaii five-o” through 10.
  • I could go on, but I don’t think I need to.

    If you’re wanting to compare LCD and Plasma TVs, you don’t just search for “plasma.” Are people really this dumb?! Do people expect to get reasonable results from vague searches?

    I have to be honest when I say I don’t know how fully well Bing works because I’ve only dabbled in a couple searches. I’m sure that it is a very capable search engine. And it never hurts to have an alternative, if for nothing else than the chance at different results.

    Bottom Line: Don’t try to tell the world that Bing is the perfect search engine when others give perfectly relevant results if you actually know what you’re looking for.


    Pictures from the Rail Yard

    I took the time to head out to the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge a couple weeks ago. I first found out about the bridge a couple of years ago, but only now took the time to go see it for myself. And seeing as it crossed several lines of active railroad tracks, I figured it was the perfect place to take some pictures.

    foot bridge

    Jefferson Avenue Footbridge


    Using the bridge as a frame

    train engine heat distortion

    I love the look of heat distortion coming from the engines.

    I never knew how truly loud train engines actually are until I was standing five feet above them.

    middle of tracks

    View from the middle of the tracks

    This was the part where I was trespassing. If they didn’t want people to trespass at a place as cool as a rail yard, they would have put up a fence.

    rail car with lens flare

    Next to a rail car

    rusted rail car

    Rusted rail car of years past