Pictures from the Rail Yard

I took the time to head out to the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge a couple weeks ago. I first found out about the bridge a couple of years ago, but only now took the time to go see it for myself. And seeing as it crossed several lines of active railroad tracks, I figured it was the perfect place to take some pictures.

foot bridge

Jefferson Avenue Footbridge


Using the bridge as a frame

train engine heat distortion

I love the look of heat distortion coming from the engines.

I never knew how truly loud train engines actually are until I was standing five feet above them.

middle of tracks

View from the middle of the tracks

This was the part where I was trespassing. If they didn’t want people to trespass at a place as cool as a rail yard, they would have put up a fence.

rail car with lens flare

Next to a rail car

rusted rail car

Rusted rail car of years past


3 Responses

  1. I enjoy the diagonal line of the 2nd to last one…also they old railcar is pretty sweet. Did you go in it?

    • The old rail car was beyond the “do not trespass line” on the opposite side I went on. It was much to open to get away with… sad

  2. I like your pitchas. The drive through animal park is off 44 on the way to St. Louis. It’s about 15-20 minutes down the road. Exotic Animal Paradise or something. I think they changed the name. Loves it.

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