New Baseball Season

MLB spring training is in full swing and that means I’m as excited as a little school girl for the regular season to start.

I am a huge baseball fan in case you weren’t able to gather from my earlier post about NFL’s Pro Bowl. I am a Chicago Cubs fan to be specific (again, in case you weren’t able to gather, this time from the banner image though). The Cubs hold priority, followed by the Kansas City Royals. More importantly, however, I am a fan of baseball as a whole.

So, I want to give you all a few hopes I have for the upcoming 2009 season.

First, I would love to see the Cubs win the World Series. I know that is a little biased of me, but I’m a lifelong Cubs fan and the analysts’ comments on the 101 years and counting since a championship are getting a little old to say the least. So the Cubs winning is the ideal situation, the one thing I always hope for is a competitive Series. Nobody wants to see the Series be decided in four games (unless it’s their team winning), nobody. A long, competitive series, is good for baseball.

Second, I hope the World Baseball Classic (WBC) doesn’t have any ill effects on the season, mainly from injuries, but also from the time frame. Big injuries are never good for the game and you always want the teams to play to their full potential. Also, the WBC has pushed the start of MLB’s season back by a week, and subsequently the end of the season. We all saw how weather became an issue last year and that applies to precipitation as well as temperature. I just pray they don’t require the Series to be played in domed stadiums.

Third, I wish nothing but the best for the MLB Network. I wish I had access to it myself, but chances are high that it will be a long time before that happens in good ‘ole Springfield, MO. Regardless, the network is a good idea considering the success of NFL network, and the length of the season compared to the NFL.

Last, I know this is a vain hope, but I wish the steriod scandals would go away for good. It taints the game. Period. News of steriod use can make you wonder about anybody and everybody, even if the said party vehemently denies the accusation/suspicion/witch-hunt. That is why the news of A-Rod’s use saddened and angered me at the same time. Let it be known that I am far from a fan of the New York Yankees, but I had dreams of A-Rod’s legacy. He was going to wipe away Bonds’ tainted home run record. Who can I believe in now?

Well, those are some of my hopes for the season. I might have more later. If I do, I might even share them later. I can never quite tell what I am going to write about until I’m about to sit down and write it.

P.S. – Go Cubs!


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