Pro Bowl

Ever since I can remember, I’ve never really been a fan of NFL’s Pro Bowl. I can never stand to watch more than the first quarter of the game before I get tired and switch channels. And there’s one reason that I feel this way; the game is worthless…

Unlike all the other major sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, and to a lesser extent MLS), the NFL is the only one that holds their All-Star game after the season is completely over. Therefore, in my opinion, the Pro Bowl is just another exhibition game that has absolutely no meaning and no benefit to the players. With other sports, the all-star festivities take place in the middle of the season and provide some well needed rest to players during the long season.

Now, I don’t claim to avidly follow any of those other sports but baseball (of which I would consider myself a bigger fan than football), but the MLB All-Star game has some meaning. The winning league in that instance becomes the owner of home-field advantage for the World Series. That sounds to me like a reason to play at nothing other but your highest capability. When the players have incentive, they will make the game interesting in itself. I think, for that reason, MLB’s All-Star game are, more often than not, quite competitive, even though the American League has won all but four times since 1988.

With the NFL, the only incentive to the Pro Bowl is to get it over with and start the offseason. I just don’t see what’s so interesting about that.


3 Responses

  1. Funny you bring this up…As I drove home from work yesterday I was listening to ESPN radio and they gave a score update. I just chuckled to myself and said so what. Then I realized now what would happen if they would have said in the Larry Fitzgerald | Nnamdi Asomugha 100 yard dash Asomugha won then we have something to talk about. I guess my point is I don’t care about the game but a skills competition that I would watch.

  2. I don’t know…Larry Fitzgerald got a whopping $45k for getting Pro Bowl MVP…yeah I didn’t even watch it. Call me when the draft starts.

  3. I think a skills competition is a great idea. There would be less of a chance of players getting injured… but more importantly, it would let the cocky players vouch for their claims of greatness, and let the ones who keep to themselves to suprise everyone.

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